Creating your own Spiritual Practise

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When I first started my spiritual journey I was convinced that I could dabble in and out as I pleased and would have the desired effects if you like. My good friend said to me at the time that I need to have a daily practise. I thought he was being old fashioned and was trying to squeeze me into a box. I was having none of it! So my days would vary, up and down, crazy and sane, crying and laughing. But then I found Yoga and my life changed. I began with the physical asana practise. I took one or two classes per week until it became a regular thing. I couldn’t imagine skipping a class. This then extended to an almost daily practice. I developed a strong self practise which I could do at home thanks to my amazing teachers. A day with yoga was not the same as a day without yoga. I then met my teacher with whom I trained in India to qualify as a Heart of Living Yoga teacher myself. I discovered Heart practise, a Heart centred meditation which I practise twice daily.

Why would you want a Spiritual Practise?

Most of us begin a journey because the way we live is just not sustainable to ourselves any longer. We desire to feel different, to experience life differently. We might be in a place of sheer abundance and still feel empty. Or we might be in emotional torment. 

One of the most important things to consider when you want to start a practise is that whatever you choose to do needs to match you. Don’t force something upon yourself which doesn’t feel good or right for you. Self love is number one.

So how do you go about creating your very own spiritual practise? Contact me if you would like me to create one together with yourself for your lovely you!

How to create your own Spiritual Practise:

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Here are some ideas from which you can pick and choose to begin your own practise:

  1. Are you religious? If yes, attending your place of worship regularly (be it once a week or once a month) is a great starting point. But make it a commitment. If you’re not religious keep reading :-)
  2. Have a daily Gratitude Practise for at least 1 month: when we bring into our awareness everything that we are grateful for whether it be big or small something amazing happens. Whatever your path may be, the vibration of gratitude will change how you feel. 100%.
  3. Dedicate at least 5-10 mins first thing in the morning to yourself: Before you start your busy day take a moment to “gather” yourself. Bring your awareness into the here and now, and every time your mind wanders just bring it back lovingly. You will learn to treasure and prioritise you time.
  4. Say your prayers: even if you are not religious, does it hurt to take a few moments each evening and send some positive wishes to your loved ones? 
  5. Do something good for your body: you’ve heard it before but your body is your vehicle in this lifetime so take good care of it. Treasure it, nurture it.
  6. Serve someone or something: this is one of the most powerful things you can ever do. Helping someone and doing things for others will give you a different perspective. It will enrich you and maybe even want to change how you spend your time.
  7. Practise presence: when you are doing a simple chore, such as washing the dishes, bring your whole awareness to every movement you make. Don’t let your thoughts wander to what you will do afterwards or something that happened earlier. Be in the present moment.
  8. Meditation: begin to disidentify from what you “think” you are.
  9. Yoga: physical yoga practise is amazing for your body and well being. Your body begins to open and let go of what is no longer needed.
  10. Therapy: this might seem a bit out of place but from my experience it is not. Carrying old patterns and trauma takes up huge amounts of energy. Wouldn’t it be great to release them as they surface?

These are some of my favourite things to do. If you would like me to build a practise with you tailored to your needs please contact me.