I'm Yasmin El-Saie, the Holistic Entrepreneur.

Reiki Sessions for Humans & Dogs

Looking at health from a holistic view, dis - ease occurs when our being is out of balance, our body has energy blockages and the vital life force can't flow easefully. Reiki rebalances the energetic system, unblocking and energising where it is needed. This is true for physical as well as emotional & psychological illness. I treat my clients in my home (indoors or outdoors), my oasis of peace.




Chilliwawa "I am anxious too!" Campaign

Chilli & I are on a mission to change mental health in dogs and their human companion. We both have anxiety and together we have become creative on how to heal & handle each day. Follow our campaign with weekly tips for canines and their humans on Instagram @chilliwawa

Living with Anxiety

I speak from experience... over 10 years of it. Anxiety and mental health within my family has shaped me and affected everyone involved. I hold deep compassion and understanding for everyone who's mind seems to have gone down a difficult path. The beauty is that despite the path being dark, there is a way to shine light onto it, a way to find ourselves and not be completely lost. Dare we even imagine healing ourselves! I say yes, definitely.

The Path of the Heart

My yogic training and receiving ordination as a Heart Minister, a Reverend, has taken me on my own personal journey from mind to heart, uniting them in a place of oneness. This place of inner peace and unconditional love is what I can share and facilitate, and trust me, it makes life more bearable, manageable and eventually even joyful!

Flower of the Heart

Self love and self care makes us treat ourselves for who we truly are. A gentle daily reminder to be kind and loving to ourselves.

Becoming Yamuna Devi

I am the holy river Yamuna, the feminine energy (Ida Nadi) in our bodies, constantly flowing. I am movement within stillness. For me connecting with the spiritual is a dance! Feeling movement and joy through the breath. I am an Ancient Egyptian descendant carrying some interesting links to the magic of that time. I am an artist, a creative, a dancer… expressing myself is everything to me.

I have been blessed to pass on the energy of peace through my artwork and sharing yoga and meditation.

The Power of Gratitude

Being grateful for anything and everything we have or even have lost, no matter how big or small is one of the most powerful forces in this Universe. Seeing the world through appreciative rather than expectative eyes can change your entire life. Never compare to those who have more, always remember those who need our help and how lucky and blessed we are to be able to serve.

Me the artist, the creative

I have always been a curious creative. Expressing myself is everything! Entering the dimensions of creativity and letting it flow through me gives me a huge sense of peace and harmony. Art is one of the most powerful ways to come out of the mind and come into beingness, creation, love.