My Yoga Training

My Yogic Journey

Yamuna Devi in Rishikesh

My yogic path started over 10 years ago with physical asana practise. I quickly immersed myself into this world and met many amazing spiritual masters along the way. My teachers helped me endlessly. Yoga itself provided a safe space for me to let go of a lot of trauma. My journey progressed yet I never felt the call to train as a yoga teacher myself until I met my beloved teacher, Reverend Padma Devi Sumananda, founder of the Heart of Living Yoga Foundation. In this extraordinary lady I found what I had been looking for - someone who could let me taste the nature of reality itself and the path of inner joy and peace.

Becoming Yamuna Devi

Yamuna and Padma Devi naming ceremony

I asked for my spiritual name - it was a magical moment. I see my name Yamuna Devi as an aspiration to what I can be, what is already me and I have just forgotten.

Heart of Living Yoga Teacher

Rishikesh India

I followed Padma to Rishikesh, India to do my residential teacher training in the birthplace of Yoga itself. We lived a monastic life in a Vedic Ashram. This experience changed me forever and has opened the gateway to a spiritual life as my core.

Teacher training Heart of Living Yoga

I was trained in Hatha Yoga and Heart Practise meditation - Padma’s discovery of connecting with all there is through the Spiritual Heart. During my time in India I also made some friends for life. My yoga sisters as we call each other.

Padma Devi Shakti Prem and Yamuna Devi


I am a IYN certified and fully insured yoga and meditation teacher and am separately qualified for restorative yoga as well. I spent a long time teaching yoga to cancer patients and survivors. Due to Covid 19 we sadly had to stop.

My training continues as a Raja Yoga teacher and teacher trainer.

So far on my journey everyone tells me the same thing: I emit peace. And I can guide you to finding that inner peace and joy for yourself.

My passion is to work with like hearted people, who are looking to find something more than the three dimensional world offers.

If you wish to find out more about the Heart of Living Yoga Foundation and my part in it please visit HOLY.

One Heart, One Love, All One