Finding Peace

We can either be a dust particle caught up in a galactic storm or remember that we are the entire Universe! Either be pushed around by external influences or become that which is totally untouched.

To find inner peace we need to help our nervous system to relax, gently learning how to take our foot off of the gas pedal. Our stressful and highly demanding lives tend to take over, leaving us in a state of STRESS, ANXIETY, TENSION and WORRY. 

I offer BREATH WORK, HEART MEDITATION, DEEP RELAXATION & YOGA, the way to finding peace.

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How do we find inner peace?

  • Connect to your breath - the breath contains your Prana, or life force, and by regulating it we can begin to stimulate the Vagus Nerve, which is responsible for our state of relaxation part of the nervous system.
  • Arrive in your body fully - through deep breathing we activate the energetic body, firmly grounding ourselves within it.
  • Release physical tension - our bodies hold so much of our stress, worries and anxiety. Through beautiful yoga stretches we begin to release.
  • Heart practise - a heart centred meditation which makes the noise stop, calms the mind, further relaxes our nervous system and then we enter a place of pure consciousness, love, peace and connection. Living in the Heart will take on a whole new meaning!
  • Feeling connected - once we begin to experience oneness we no longer feel separated which in turn calms us and brings joy. It allows us to be kinder, more compassionate and maybe we start seeing things around us from a different angle.
  • All effort you make for yourself you are automatically doing for all other beings! This is perhaps the most powerful thing I can ever tell you - self love and healing is not selfish, it is the most generous gift to all.