Meet Yamuna!

Yamuna Devi is my spiritual name which is a Sanskrit word carrying the vibration of my life. I am a yogi and artist who has studied spirituality and psychology through direct experience of life. Trained in science and art, I have finally merged my passions to create my Express Myself artwork - a collection of spiritual reflection and intentions. My Yamuna Mantras evolved through the desire to create a self contained seed which carries all the ingredients to form a massive Oak tree.

Born to a successful artist mother and engineer father, with a fashion designer rock star grandmother, Yamuna Devi is my way of contributing to our world. I have learned so much about human behaviour, spiritual growth and the Heart which I now wish to share with everyone who is looking for guidance and inspiration. Coming from a place of severe depression myself I know how hard the journey can be. My yoga practise has become my life companion and I am a qualified Heart of Living Yoga teacher. I do my best to help others, mainly through sharing Heart meditation and yoga to those who need it most.

My artwork speaks and if it speaks to you I thank you in advance for listening. Namaste.

Yamuna xxx