"The universe supports you to the degree that you are passionate about sharing your unique gift. Only when you risk giving yourself away do you discover who you are." Fred LaMotte 

Thank you Yamuna, I have come so far in the year since we started.

I so look forward to Friday mornings when I get an opportunity to meditate in a private session hosted by Yamuna. I enjoy the insightful discussion and meditation. Yamuna is wonderfully welcoming, an excellent mentor, and after several months practicing mediation with her, my mind has already become calmer and more present and I’m noticing a difference in how I respond to everyday stress.

George Goode, Founder Skin Enrich


Positive impact on my health
Attending the meditation sessions with Yamuna had a positive impact on my health & in small ways altering my awareness and approach so that I find myself guided in the right direction without having to try. I think meditation has made me able to explore my own potential to follow my own path and to be more conscious of others as I do so.
It is the most valuable time I ever spent. Meditation has transformed my life, my relationships the way I live, how I see things. It’s provided me with the inner strength to embrace the most challenging situations and to emerge as a stronger, better person 
“Finding Peace” classes are a portal of inner light & Yamuna is the positive energy within it. 
Miss Maria de Freitas, Chief Operations Officer, Finance


I always leave the session feeling more rested at peace stretched and joyful.

I highly recommend Yamuna for both group and 1:1 sessions. Yamuna brings a rigour and emotional intelligence to her teaching that immediately inspires trust in her and in oneself. In a group she will always offer options in the poses if you wish to stretch further or less - they are highly tailored in that respect. Yamuna is a very calming generous positive presence - I always leave the session feeling more rested at peace stretched and joyful.

Lesley Kemp, Solicitor at Helen Smith Immigration


Yamuna's heart yoga classes are lovely and I highly recommend them.

She creates such a claming atmosphere and her manner is so gentle that we immediately cast aside the stresses of the day and focus solely on our practise. She is very happy to tailor her classes to our needs and we always leave feeling completely refreshed.

Helen Smith, Immigration Lawyer, Partner at Helen Smith Immigration Limited


It wasn’t until I finished my first session with Yamuna that I realised how powerful meditation can be.

We all get caught up in the stresses and anxieties of life but being able to take a moment, to either forget the world or refocus our energies on what is important is amazing.  I love the sense of calmness each session brings and the strength I find to carry on with a smile.  I have and would continue to recommend this positive experience.

Sarah B, PA