Living With An Open Heart!

Let Your Heart Breathe! Open it!

We live in a mind based world where all effort and recognition is predominantly flowing to comparison, separation and duality. Loneliness is becoming an epidemic fuelled by social media and lack of community. We prefer to order food on an app rather than speak to a real life person at our local shop. The percentage of anxiety and prescribed anti depressants and anti anxiety medication in young teenage girls is on the up like never before. The illusion has never been more powerful.

So what happens if we BUY OUT OF THE ILLUSION? And more importantly, HOW do we buy out if it?

The answer is so simple :-) all we have to do is drop out of our minds and come home to our HEARTS. 

It is that simple but at the same time it's not. For those of us who have been conditioned since early childhood that the Heart space is not acceptable only the mind space has value, we will struggle at first to find that connection back to Source. WHERE TO START?


"The time of the guru is over. It's all about direct experience" Rev Padma Devi, founder of The Heart of Living Yoga Foundation.

I am blessed to be a qualified Heart of Living Yoga Teacher and Heart Ambassador. My calling is becoming clearer every day - let me show you another way of being. Let me show you to keep your Heart open and live in that space. Enough of fear, worry, anxiety and pain. Yes these emotions are part of life but let's use them to dig deep and resolve within. Then we can let go. Be free. Live love.

You can follow me on YouTube "Yamuna UK" and Instagram TV @iamyamunadevi where I post videos about my own experiences and self growth tools I use myself. I also teach Heart Practise and Hatha Yoga so please get in touch!

I am proud to be a volunteer at Maggie's Cancer Charity where I teach Heart Yoga.

I promise you one thing, the journey is infinitely worth it!

Love & Light,